Proactive Intelligence

Fix problems before they happen

The latest proactive monitoring services to ensure your technology performs at its peak

Working with market-leading companies all over the world, we see how their sophisticated converged networks are driving organisation-wide improvements in efficiency and productivity. No one can afford network outages or downtime when their business-critical applications are at risk, but managing a complex mix of voice, video and data over a single connection is not always straightforward.

G3’s 4D Proactive Intelligence is designed to deliver proactive monitoring and maintenance of your multi-vendor global network. Its advanced features allow you to oversee your network availability and performance, optimising the quality of service via a centralised platform. At the same time, it presents you with real-time visibility into users’ experience and performance for faster resolution of service issues.

Comprehensive 4D Intelligent Modules

4D Proactive Intelligence is suite of integrated service modules that can be selected to provide a service tailored to your requirements. As an out-tasking service it allows effective management of costs without sacrificing control. By detecting atypical behaviour, this proactive solution can identify issues before they become problems to prevent network failure, optimising performance and maximising user productivity.

4D Proactive Intelligence architecture is comprised of four components:

UC Foundation (UCF) – Superior Health & Performance Monitoring & Management
UC Diagnostics (UCD) – Advanced Monitoring, Management, Reporting and Diagnostics
Perspective – Easy-to-Deploy Synthetic Testing Capabilities
Call Analysis – Multi-Vendor CDR Collection, Rating & Cost Analysis