Business Communications

Empower your people

Armed with next – generation communications solutions, you can differentiate yourself from the competition and be ahead of the game. G3 Comms is a trusted global solutions provider with a heritage of 30 years developing and building solutions using world-class technology from leading global vendors. Coupled with our unrivalled technical expertise and support we enable organisations to collaborate more efficiently and maximise investment.

Independent Approach

We partner with global leading technology providers such as: Avaya, Microsoft, ShoreTel, Extreme and Sonus. Our vendor neutral approach ensures that the technology selected meets your requirements, and delivers results in a seamless integrated environment.

Feature-rich technology designed for your needs

We can provide you with a fully comprehensive unified communications solution, or you can choose applications in isolation from voice, video and presence to collaboration and mobility. Creating a solution that aligns with your business’s strategy and objectives.

Freedom of Choice

We offer our clients the choice and flexibility to deploy a solution that benefits their business. Designing and deploying your communications system your way, from on-premise to cloud, we will focus on simplifying your infrastructure and communications and scaling it to your business’s needs.

Accredited Skills

G3 Comms technical expertise is recognised throughout the world and we hold the highest levels of accreditations with our leading global technology providers. So you can be assured that you are working with a reputable and trusted communications provider.

Best in class SIP Services

Our advanced architecture enables you to seamlessly transition a VoIP infrastructure or a SIP core platform.


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