Global Deployments

Made easy

Complex global deployments made easy

G3 are specialists in simplifying global deployments. As founding member of the Aura Alliance we have the global resources to assist you with the complexities of deploying communications around the world such as government legislations, commercial practices, pricing, taxes and all of the other elements in the mix. Presenting you access to leading global vendors including Avaya used by over 95% of Fortune 500. We will take the complexities away enabling you to deploy seamless global communications networks.

The Aura Alliance Advantage

G3 is a founding member and the only member in the UK of the Aura Alliance; an Avaya endorsed global network of Avaya accredited partners in 120 countries that will assist you in global deployments offering the same high level of support all under one SLA.

G3 is an unrivalled specialist in deploying and managing global business communications that offer consistent premium support and are managed centrally and delivered locally.

How we can help

Centralised Management

We offer centralised management and support, with in-country language assistance consolidated reports and centralised billing. We remove the complexity of global deployments with one SLA, one SDM? and one Account Manager.

Competitive Pricing

Aura Alliance partners spend in excess of US$ 0.6 Billion dollars annuallythat means we have the biggest buying power in Avaya, enabling you to save costs and get the most competitive prices, and chose delivery dates

End-to-End Global Solutions

We are experts in deploying and supporting voice and UC to global companies; helping you to build an end-to-end solution in the most tax efficient way.

Being part of the Aura Alliance gives us access to products and services that simplify implementation and optimise performance:

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