St George’s Weybridge

Establishing a learning-centred network

A Huawei-based network solution providing different levels of content to different students

As the school increased network-heavy services such as desktop virtualisation and streaming video, it became apparent their bandwidth was not adequate. In 2012, St George’s came to G3, asking us to assist with an overall network infrastructure upgrade. After evaluating the situation, we delivered a Huawei-based solution enabling the school to provide different levels of content to different students.

St. George’s Weybridge began to realise the benefits of the new Huawei network almost immediately. Following the upgrade to the Huawei 10G solution, all upgrades are now done once, from a central location.

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St George’s Weybridge

St. George’s Weybridge is a private Catholic primary and secondary school located in Surrey, England. With approximately 1,500 students, it is the largest independent Catholic school in England and Wales.
The school’s goal is to “identify and develop each student’s unique talent and abilities by providing them with every opportunity to achieve, whether in the classroom, on the sports field or on the stage.”

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