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Avaya’s one app to rule Unified Communications

20 June 2018

James Arnold Roberts
James Arnold Roberts

Welcome back, Avaya. It was a difficult time for the communications giant since filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy at the beginning of 2017. By concentrating on its core areas of expertise, however, and divesting itself of its networking business, Avaya is now back with a bang.

Following strongly-recovering financials at the end of last year, this month the company announced the worldwide launch of its latest Avaya IP Office release, a new cloud-based offering that brings all the benefits of unified communications (UC) to businesses of every size and sector.

Over almost two decades, more than 26 million users have come to rely on IP Office to connect with their customers, partners and suppliers regardless of the device or application they’re using. The latest version brings even greater productivity and collaboration benefits – including support for Equinox, Avaya’s UC platform which provides an affordable, easy-to-use enterprise-grade experience.

It’s never nice to see an old friend in trouble; equally, it’s especially joyous to see them bouncing back in rude health – and that’s exactly what Avaya has done with IP Office 11. The new version is a timely response to many key trends in business communications, not least the shift to the cloud among small and medium-sized enterprises in recent years.

The cloud naturally brings considerable cost-savings and management benefits, but what makes IP Office 11 such an exciting proposition is that it provides a single hub for all business communications. By integrating with Equinox, Avaya brings a wealth of action-oriented workflows and single-pane visibility of all meetings, messages and conversations; meanwhile, it also supports reliable remote and mobile working on any device.

This is especially important for businesses today that are seeking to foster greater collaboration between workers who are increasingly dispersed over wide geographical areas, thanks to the trends such as the gig economy and homeworking. With Avaya any organisation, no matter what size they are or what budget they have available, can instantly create virtual meeting rooms in the cloud. It all features a wealth of reporting and tracking capabilities which are crucial for monitoring the quality of communications and outcomes – crucial for customer service (and many other) applications.

This is, of course, great news for our customers. We’ve seen collaboration and productivity rise rapidly up the corporate agenda in recent years as businesses seek to eke out an edge over their competition. Unfortunately, though, the proliferation of technologies can often cause as many problems as it solves, with organisations struggling to accommodate multiple communications and conversations in a single platform. Avaya IP Office 11 provides an elegant solution to this issue, providing a single source for even better collaboration between teams – which is precisely what Avaya has always done best.

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