Four critical issues to consider in your global comms plans

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Four critical issues to consider in your global comms plans

22 January 2018

Heather Wearn
Heather Wearn

Keeping it simple
Some recent research* has confirmed that the need to ‘Simplify IT’ is now near the top of the CEO’s strategic agenda. It’s leapt up the priorities to number two, surpassed only by the perennial number one – ‘cost reduction’. This certainly rings true with what we’re seeing too – particularly on the global stage where multi-national, multi-vendor legacy comms systems pose hugely complex challenges for businesses that want a better system and the support to go with it.

It’s this demand for simplified management of global comms that drives the Aura Alliance, the world’s largest alliance of Avaya partners and the only one endorsed by Avaya. As founding partners of the Alliance, we make life easier for customers by offering centralised, consistent support across more than 120 countries,

These days, an increasing number of businesses of all sizes are going global in search of new opportunities. That’s giving rise to a surge in demand for global comms management, as companies wrestle with systems that aren’t up to the job. It’s one of the pressing issues that the G3 team will be discussing at this year’s annual Avaya Engage event, taking place in New Orleans from 28th to 31st January. We’ll be in the Aura Alliance booth 646, talking about how to overcome the challenges of legacy technology and how to deliver communications critical to modern, global working practices.

Employee engagement and customer experience
From conversations I’ve had with many of our clients at the start of 2018, the evolution of the modern digital workplace is a hot topic and one we’ll be addressing at the event. Gartner recently highlighted collaboration tools as one of the main themes of the digital workplace and, at G3, it’s been the focus of our solutions development team for some years Today, digital transformation is driving business growth, allowing people to collaborate and solve problems in collaboration with colleagues around the world, whilst moving between devices and technologies. It’s a real game changer.

Collaboration is also one area where we’re seeing the impact of cloud-based technologies. The migration of services to the cloud is having a huge effect on the way organisations are able to work, as well as eliminating the complexity of maintaining a sprawling IT infrastructure. The power of cloud communications is being felt across the whole enterprise, including another critical business differentiator – the customer experience. Deployed simply, with negligible up-front capital investment, the latest cloud contact centre technology enables delivery of state-of-the-art capabilities that enable employees and help customers to enhance the customer journey at every touch-point.

Take on the challenges
Complexity, collaboration, customer engagement, cloud. If these issues are part of your IT strategy for 2018, then join us in the conversation at Avaya Engage. It’s an opportunity to get involved in the digital debate, discuss new ideas and grow your network. Plus, it’s great to meet up with Avaya, emerging from last year restructured, refunded and reenergised, and to see their continuing commitment to supporting the Aura Alliance. There’s also the opportunity to check out the new Skype Client release, which lets you combine existing Avaya features with the practicality of the Skype for Business desktop solution, all with minimal disruption and low cost.

And if you can’t make it to New Orleans, get in touch to discuss how we can help with the comms challenges that are top of your priority list for this year.

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