Global Network

Connect with next-generation infrastructure

Integrated global networks for bespoke connectivity

Increasingly, businesses are going global and to have consistent communication across multiple sites is critical. International and remote networks demand multi-carrier solutions where SLAs, administration and technical complexity are multiplied with each participating operator.

G3’s revolutionary core network infrastructure CRISP changes everything. We work with the major Tier 1 global carriers to provide resilient global voice and data services. With SIP-enabled configuration, voice and other network elements, sensitive traffic is tagged and fully supported across the core and carrier networks to ensure guaranteed Quality of Service. By removing the need for internet-based network access with a single end-to-end service level agreement across the entire core and carrier infrastructure, we can give business the confidence to capitalise on the latest network-delivered technology.

Our wide range of solutions meets the requirements of both small and large businesses, backed by a comprehensive suite of monitoring services, hosted solutions and support.

Intelligent Routing Infrastructure (CRISP)

With our MPLS core CRISP, SLAs and QoS are enhanced, costs are reduced and provisioning is simplified. Built for SIP, it is monitored and managed for QoS from our Network Operations Centre and supported by end-to-end SLAs.

Bespoke, multi-carrier global connectivity

We integrate converged voice and data networks across the UK, Europe and the world, giving you global connectivity, ensuring latency management across every leg of the network. We’ll set up SLAs, end-to-end across multiple carriers, keeping things simple for you.

Fully managed & monitored with one point of contact

Services are monitored and fully managed for QoS and latency by experienced network engineers using the latest management tools. Our Network Operations Centre, gives you one point of contact, simplifying communications and minimising response time.

Managed Latency from Local Hubs

We deliver your global services from our strategically-located network hubs situated at a distance from your sites, which allows reliable management of latency below 150 ms – an essential for voice and other delay-sensitive traffic.