Cloud Exchange

Simplify your hybrid infrastructure strategy

Lower your total cost of private network connectivity to cloud service providers

G3 Cloud Exchange is an advanced interconnection solution that enables on-demand, direct network connectivity to multiple cloud providers in major metropolitan areas throughout the world.

Benefits of G3 Cloud Exchange

Improved performance of cloud-based applications and workloads through high-throughput, low-latency connections

Automated, near-real-time provisioning of cloud services from multiple providers, with enhanced service orchestration and management capabilities

Multiple, flexible bandwidth options that can support fluctuating traffic needs without having to maintain constant peak-level capacity

Increased security by keeping applications within your data centre’s local area network

Lower costs, enabled by reduced WAN expenses and 30% to 50% discounts for outbound data transfers from top public cloud services

High-performance, reliable, and secure cloud connections


G3 Cloud Exchange provides a secure path for accessing cloud resources with very high throughput and consistency. In fact, tests show increased throughput of 147% when connecting directly to the cloud as compared to using public Internet connections.

G3 Cloud Exchange Features

Secure, High-Performance Connections

G3 Cloud Exchange provides virtualised, private direct connections that bypass the internet to provide better security and performance with a range of bandwidth options.

On-demand, automated connectivity to clouds

G3 Cloud Exchange portal and APIs simplify the process of provisioning and managing connections to multiple cloud services and networks.

One port, many connections

Connect to many participants (clouds, networks, managed service providers) over a single physical port.

Global availability

G3 Cloud Exchange is available in 21 top business markets worldwide..

Largest cloud ecosystem

G3 Cloud Exchange offers the broadest choice of cloud services in the data centre services industry, including Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Office 365, Google Cloud Platform, SoftLayer, Oracle Cloud and others.


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