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G3’s world-class communications services create a new range of opportunities for businesses to work more intelligently, productively and more efficiently. Together with our comprehensive voice services we offer outstanding versatility and value, to transform the way you interact with your business.

Fixed Line

Our award winning technical support team can improve the performance of your telecommunications using Tier 1 carriers. Through carrier pre-selection we can lower your costs, improve call routing all with one consolidated bill for fixed and mobile calls. Download Data Sheet

Inbound Call Management

We offer a vast range of feature-rich inbound call management solutions designed to simplify operational processes and improve productivity. With the ability to divert calls between multiple destinations, to on-demand outbound call recording.Download Data Sheet

Network Management

WLR3 is the advanced network management platform used by Openreach, which enables a more efficient and responsive service across key network management processes. –This includes streamlined order processing, line transfer and fault management.Download Data Sheet

Non-Geographic Numbers (NGN)

A non-geographic number (NGN) is a telephone number that diverts or translates calls seamlessly to your chosen fixed line or mobile number. Enabling businesses to create a local, national or international presence without incurring substantial overheads.Download Data Sheet

European Voice Services

Differentiate yourself with a wide range of pan-European voice, VoIP and intelligent number services available across 13 countries at compelling rates.Download Data Sheet


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