3 reasons why it’s business as usual for Avaya users


3 reasons why it’s business as usual for Avaya users

28 February 2017

James Roberts
James Roberts

Avaya has made headlines by seeking Chapter 11 protection as it restructures its historic debt but with the company’s UK operations unaffected, the real story for Avaya owners centres on the exciting options open to them by continuing to work with Avaya and its trusted communications partners.

Here are three reasons why it’s business as usual.

First, the refinancing is not a matter directly affecting the UK business. Avaya’s UK managing director Ioan MacRae affirmed recently that the move is a debt restructure in the US and not an operational matter holding up Avaya’s UK usual operations. He emphasised that it’s a necessary and logical part of Avaya’s re-orienting towards subscription-based, cloud communications over the next few months.


Second, expert Avaya Partners with strong vendor relationships are constantly gaining access to practical, risk-managed and cost-effective solutions to help end user customers. These offerings can be tailored to individual requirements according to their comms strategy – full-scale migration to the cloud, leveraging legacy PBX investments, or running hybrids of both. By working with expert providers, Avaya customers will gain the best outcomes for return on investment, total cost of ownership and business productivity.


For Avaya, its mid-size cloud offering provides a range of flexible deployment options for risk-averse or more dynamic mid-range customers – a raft of user deployment options that might well silence company’s critics claiming that it has somehow missed the cloud boat.


Of course, Avaya’s market leadership will be challenged by the emergence of Skype for Business as a real contender in a market that is shifting from unified communications to a new level of business collaboration. Skype for Business is an exciting breakthrough for businesses seeking more flexible customer interactions and better team working, delivering UC as an all-in-one collaboration package including video conferencing and the extensive feature set of Office 365.


The third and biggest reason for business as usual is that these amazing solutions are delivered by expert and trusted providers that put the customer first, listening to customers’ needs, asking the right questions and focusing on building the customer’s business performance.


Only then do we leverage those vendor partnerships, impartially, driven by the customer’s interests, not the vendor’s. For example, we’re both an Avaya Diamond Partner and a Microsoft Silver Partner because we see exciting opportunities for both. Until the market tells us otherwise, we’ll continue to give our customers what they need and it’s business as usual.


If you’d like to know a bit more about our bespoke solutions, feel free to contact us!

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