Are you ready to modernise your approach to customer service?

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Are you ready to modernise your approach to customer service?

26 October 2017

James Arnold Roberts
James Arnold Roberts

How cloud contact centre technology can transform the customer experience
The quality of the customer experience is now a key differentiator for businesses fighting for competitive advantage. And for many, the contact centre is the focus for delivering customer service excellence. The humble call centre of yesteryear has moved on to meet the demands of customers who expect a slick, responsive and consistent experience across all communication channels. It’s become a critical part of the digital transformation process.
As a result, contact centre operations of all sizes are transitioning to cloud solutions, which provide the features, functionality and flexibility to support multimedia services over IP on a single scalable platform. In fact, a recent analyst report on contact centre infrastructure forecasts that the number of agents using cloud solutions will grow by more than 20% every year to 2020.
One clear view of your customer
The increasing popularity of contact centre cloud technologies is being driven by a blend of rising customer service expectations and the need for organisations to optimise cost, productivity and efficiency. The evolution from traditional call centre to cloud-based omnichannel contact centre enables agents to track all customer interactions online, across voice, email, SMS, chat, video and social media. By breaking down information silos that accumulate around individual channels and integrating previously disparate data into one unified interface, agents can quickly access comprehensive, up-to-date customer records.
This single, clear view of the customer and the availability of real-time information for agents working across all channels is supported by easy integration of cloud contact centre solutions with CRM applications, which are also increasingly cloud-based and delivered as SaaS models. With this kind of transformative technology in the contact centre, agents are also able to manage customer engagement based on past behaviours and interactions. Data-driven insights provide a personalised approach that can help agents recommend the best course of action for customers, create targeted outbound communications and deliver first-call resolutions for a better customer experience.
Speed + agility + knowledge = improved customer satisfaction
Cloud contact centre technologies are also helping to accelerate agent response times with processes that automate the distribution of incoming contacts so they reach the right destination faster – even if that means overcoming geographical boundaries. Other technologies such as integrated voice response, speech analytics, automated workforce management and contact recording are also helping to unlock value and drive competitive advantage.
In the past, agents have needed to work at a physical call centre location, but with cloud-based solutions they can work from anywhere that has an Internet connection, on any device they choose. At the same time, it’s easy for supervisors to monitor the performance of each agent, streamline escalation processes and control overall quality of service. The demand for competent, specialist customer service and the ability to work remotely is driving a trend towards recruiting virtual agent teams that have the talent to deliver a truly world-class customer experience. In addition, moving agents around or scaling-up is efficient and seamless, as seats can be easily relocated and new licenses quickly activated. You just pay an incremental amount for the additional seats.
Cloud-based contact centres can make a big difference to cost in other areas such as maintenance and software updates, too – especially when you consider managing the complexities of fragmented legacy solutions. Virtualising the contact centre moves the financial model from capex to opex, which means upfront investment is minimised, and there’s no need to maintain clunky on-premise hardware. Most features and functionality are included in the subscription, while routine maintenance and system updates are automatic and hassle-free.
Digital transformation in the contact centre – time to change direction?
Digital transformation is revolutionising customer service management and cloud technology is driving huge change in contact centre operations. Are you ready to adapt your contact centre strategy and embrace the opportunities?
To help you make sense of the challenges, the issues and the options, G3 is hosting a free seminar on Tuesday 14th November The Hilton Park Lane Hotel, 10.00am – 12.30pm. The session features an in-depth presentation by Frost & Sullivan’s Principle Consultant, Alexander Michael, explaining how digital transformation is leaving legacy systems behind and what you should do to mitigate the risk.
Recommendations on strategy, the different stages of planning and practical tips on implementation will give you a firm foundation on which to improve the customer journey. In addition, G3, along with Genesys, the world leader in cloud contact centre technology, will demonstrate how cloud technologies and omnichannel communications come together in the modern contact centre. Grill the experts in a Q&A session and discuss with colleagues over the best lunch in town, at the Michelin Star restaurant Galvin at Windows.
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