Corporate communications to “drastically change” by 2022


Corporate communications to “drastically change” by 2022

07 June 2017

James Roberts
James Roberts


IT leaders are looking to go all-in on cloud-based communications, report claims.


Technological advancements, new employee preferences, and evolving work styles are driving a fundamental shift in the way we work. At the heart of this shift is a growing diversity of views and expectations across the workforce.


Employees are demanding consumer-like experiences in the office with greater flexibility for where and how they work. Additionally, a new generation of tech-savvy employees that has never known a world without a smartphone – the app generation – will soon enter the workforce, expecting to work as they want, when they want, using the technologies of their choice.


Because of this, enterprise communications are set to see a major overhaul within the next five years, according to a new report. Research from Fuze found that almost six in ten companies have prioritised adopting new communication technology.


“While it’s clear that many businesses still need to drastically evolve their communications technologies, today’s IT leaders are optimistic about their ability to take on this challenge,” said Kris Wood, VP EMEA, Fuze.


The way we work is changing. Technological advancements, an increasingly varied workforce, and new employee demands are triggering fundamental shifts in the working world. Rather than seeing the complexities of today’s working world as a barrier, today’s IT leaders see a fantastic opportunity to transform their teams, technologies, and strategies to shape the future of work.


Download Fuze’s full research here.


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