Dynamic, agile businesses need bespoke, agile comms

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Dynamic, agile businesses need bespoke, agile comms

13 March 2017

James Roberts
James Roberts

These days, for a company to differentiate itself and gain competitive advantage, it needs to be able to act fast and adapt quickly to changing business demands. That means adopting an agile, more dynamic approach where operations can react, flex and scale to make the most of every opportunity.

In fact, according to research by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, agile organisations increase revenue 37% faster than non-agile companies.


Teamwork, collaboration, efficiency, responsiveness – they’re all words you’d associate with business agility. And they’re also all attributes that need to be supported by effective business communications solutions. All too often though, we see how underperforming comms (and service providers) can straightjacket businesses, drive up cost and compromise operations.


Take healthcare and waste services provider, Stericycle, for example. It’s a dynamic, market-leading business that’s grown rapidly through service diversification and business acquisition. Against this backdrop of constant change, it’s also a business that works hard to remain agile and stay ahead of the game.


But one of their biggest challenges has been provisioning the high performance communication services needed to connect and integrate UK and European operations – especially when many of its domestic sites are geographically remote or located in areas with poor connectivity.


The solution? Stericycle chose to work with an agile comms partner whose approach to business and technology capabilities could support the company’s continued expansion and their pace of growth.


Using best-of-breed carriers and a combination of ADSL, EFM, fibre and wireless connectivity (key for isolated sites) the business now has the comms reliability, flexibility, speed and scalable capacity required to support its ambitious plans.


You can read the full Stericycle story here, and see why the most successful communications solutions come from agile service providers who believe that business customers should get what they need, and not just settle for what they’re given.


In our experience, businesses deploying today’s unified communications and cloud services want global networks that are bespoke, scalable and supported by the highest quality of service.


Network carriers with a one-size-fits-all approach simply don’t have the time or resource to deliver.


If you’d like to know a bit more about our bespoke solutions, feel free to contact us!

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