Employees no longer need IT managers | Bring -Fix- your own device Culture


Employees no longer need IT managers | Bring -Fix- your own device Culture

09 December 2015

Keyleen Reyes
Keyleen Reyes
Head of Marketing

How the role of IT personnel is changing and how employees are communicating in the workplace

Tech savvy employees are changing the role of the IT manager and taking trouble-shooting into their own hands. This is according our latest independent research, specialists in business IT communications, who found that less than half of people will go to the IT department for help resolving technical problems.


We commissioned Censuswide to survey 1500 British office workers on how they use IT, how it has evolved in the office space and how this has an impact on businesses. It found that many employees are struggling with older tech, causing on average UK office workers to lose 14 hours a month waiting for a work communication technology problems to get resolved. Connectivity (68.4%), system crashes (44.2%) and signal problems (43.3%) were the three biggest problems reported.


Smartphones, tablets and the growing number of apps are having an impact on the way people work and employers and IT departments face challenges in terms of balancing the demand for latest technologies with shrinking budgets. The right mix however can have a positive influence with the research showing that 62% of office workers use their mobiles at their desks instead of their desk phones and 17% stay connected through them even on holiday.


“The role of the IT manager is very much alive and well, however the priorities have evolved away from purely technical to take on a more strategic direction. IT managers now have a direct influence on a business’ growth” commented Adam Young – Sales and Marketing Director.


IT communications can offer organisations a competitive edge, faster response time, flexibility, higher security and integration with customers’ networks, something that employees are clearly crying out for instead of the out-dated systems they’re having to use now.


Download ‘FYOD: Fix your own device’ here for the full findings of the research

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