Is untapped data the biggest missed opportunity for telcos?

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Is untapped data the biggest missed opportunity for telcos?

21 June 2017

James Roberts
James Roberts

Much has changed since Motorola first made mobile handsets accessible to the masses in 1984. Smartphones now account for over half of global mobile subscriptions and 8.4 billion connected devices are expected to be in use worldwide by the end of this year.


We are entering an era of ambient intelligence, where consumers are operating within increasingly smart environments that use embedded intelligence to make their lives easier. Technology is also enabling an explosion of communication over data services such as video/audio calling and chat applications, leading to a drop in traditional voice calls.


How can telecoms providers put data into action?


Mobile data has many applications that extend far beyond how many people are using a smartphone. For example, intelligent data analysis can establish how long consumers spend online via mobile, and when. According to research by Near, this is an hour and a half per day for UK users, with cellular network prime time from 7pm to 9pm and Wi-Fi at 10pm. If this overlaps with a consumer’s daily commute, it implies that they may be at their most receptive to receiving information between this time. It may also help to determine the best time to display video content via Wi-Fi.


While it’s true that, until recently, the difficulty of managing high volumes of user data has been a barrier, new developments in technology are making it possible to turn disordered data into actionable insights.


The biggest untapped opportunity in the telecoms sector is now finally within reach, and network providers should move quickly to harness it.


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