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Skype For Business: An Irrefutable Business Case

Over the past ten years, unified communications has driven business digital transformation by making integrated voice, video and messaging communications easier to use. Businesses have seen significant improvements in collaboration and business processes. Over more recent years, Microsoft has been building a single platform that is set to take collaboration to new heights, transform business productivity and become the de facto communications and productivity system for businesses across the world – Skype for Business.

Skype for Business simplifies collaboration, working processes, infrastructure and systems management with one connected service for calling, conferencing, video, and sharing, available on any device and all connected through Microsoft Office with the familiar, easy user experience already enjoyed on the desktop by the majority of businesses today.

Research* sponsored by G3 Comms estimates that 80% of businesses have an Skype For Business strategy in place and 60% have started some level of deployment across the whole organisation. In response to this unprecedented rate of adoption, businesses must consider the options for deploying Skype For Business or risk operating outside of the dominant communications environment in the future.

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(*Survey of 120 global, FTSE 500 companies by Coleman-Parkes Research, 2016)

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An irrefutable business case

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