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Licensing Options

Businesses focusing on the adoption of Skype For Business as a full voice replacement need to consider several licensing options for deployment to suit business requirements (A full appraisal of all Skype For Business features available here).

Skype for Business Server: An on-premise or hosted solution for businesses that are not ready for full cloud migration or may be considering a hybrid/cloud solution. Information retention or regulatory requirements may require applications on premise and will benefit from this option.

Skype for Business Online within Office 365: For businesses considering cloud adoption as a replacement for existing, traditional telephony, there are two main options:
> E3 License – Office 365 application set, offering SfB as an additional add-on license.
> E5 License – Includes the add on licenses but then requires an integration to allow user calls across the PSTN.

Skype for Business Phone System: Stand-alone Phone System (included in E5)

Skype for Business Audio Conferencing: Enables PSTN access to the Cloud conferencing service. (Region dependant and may be in your E5)

Integrations for PSTN are:

Skype for Business Calling Plan: Microsoft-managed monthly call plan which includes porting and numbering

Skype for Business Cloud Connect Edition (CCE): Integration with existing voice services managed by your third party service or SIP provider

Skype for Business Server in hybrid configuration.

Voice Services

Calls and Collaboration

Skype for Business provides free calling over your network and the Internet to other Skype For Business users and Skype consumer users around the world. Where it is intended to replace existing, traditional calls and communications across the PSTN, additional services are available to give you the choice of managing your own calls and connectivity.

Phone System

Calling features – Comparable with global enterprise PBX systems without the associated costs of upgrades, maintenance, hardware footprint, replacement, etc.

Dial by name, from Office – Reach people with a single click from your contact list in Skype for Business or any Office application

Skype mobility – Make and receive business calls in the office, at home, or on the road, using your business number on your smartphone, tablet, PC, or desk phone even when you have no mobile signal.

Voice mail – Built-in voice mail, integrated with Exchange, to quickly respond to missed calls.

Security – Built-in encryption, enabled by default. No VPN needed.

Calling Plan

Monthly Call Plan – Call traditional phone numbers, purchase numbers and calling plans as part of the Office 365 subscription.

Number porting – Use your existing phone numbers with Microsoft calling plans if desired, with local number porting built-in.

Cloud Connector Edition – The G3 CloudLink Appliance

Keep line connections – Use on-site to connect existing telephone lines to Phone System in Office 365.

Keep service provider – Use existing telephone lines, phone numbers worldwide with calling management, technical support and billing services provided by your existing or chosen service provider.
Keep existing services – Integrate existing ISDN, PBXs and Service Centers with Phone System. Migrate some or all of your users to Phone System while still taking advantage of your existing telephone lines and services.

Collaboration Services

A Revolution in Business Culture

The popularity of video broadcasts, conferencing and multi-media collaboration has soared over recent years despite the barriers to adoption posed by systems that are invariably costly, stand-alone platforms.

Audi Conferencing

Audio Conferencing allows anyone to join your Skype For Business meetings using only a telephone. Useful for joining when a tablet or PC is not an option, eg anywhere without Internet access.

Skype Meeting Broadcast

Skype Meeting Broadcast extends the reach of Skype meetings to up to 10,000 attendees for webinars, town-halls, and other one-to-many presentations.

Power BI Analytics

Monitor Productivity Gain from Your Skype For Business Services
Skype For Business is a powerful generator of productivity for office workers, mobile workers and business processes. To prove it, use Power BI Analytics to monitor and provide the data you need to manage your voice and collaboration services into the future.

More details about Skype For Business available on Microsoft.com

Learn more about your journey to Skype for Business

You can also call +44 20 7075 1400 or contact us here