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Ensuring a Successful Deployment with Practical Guidance for Cloud Voice

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Why G3 Comms?

G3 Comms offers a wide range of services in the UK to get your company onboarded onto Office 365 Skype For Business services with focuses on Phone System and Cloud Audio Conferencing. Our G3 ‘Get Deployed’ and ‘Proof Of Concept’ offers for Phone System and Cloud Audio Conferencing will get you set up for success using the methodology and tools from the Practical Guidance for Cloud Voice. Our G3 4D Services will continuously improve your usage and adoption of new features.

G3 Comms is a solutions integrator partner practitioner for Unified Communications and Office 365 services.  We have extensive experience in Office 365, Skype For Business, Cloud Voice Services with a proven track record.

What Is Practical Guidance for Cloud Voice?

The Practical Guidance for Cloud Voice is a base methodology of processes and assets for implementing and operating Skype for Business reliably. It takes into account aspects of Skype For Business deployment, including planning, delivery, adoption, operations and migrations. The Framework is intended to ensure successful deployment of and migration to Skype for Business Online, incorporating four key elements that have customer success firmly at the center:

A standardized approach to successfully plan, deliver and operate Skype for Business by incorporating practical guidance, tools, assets and recommended practices.

Targeted training to educate customers and partners on Skype for Business products, services and best practices.

A delivery methodology to guide customers and partners on when and how to use the tools and assets.

Practical Guidance for Cloud Voice Partners (like G3 Comms) who are trained and aligned to Practical Guidance for Cloud Voice, ready to assist customers with planning, delivering, deploying and migration.

Working with the Practical Guidance for Cloud Voice

G3 Comms offers a complete suite of design, consultancy and technical support services to assist organisations ‘Plan, Deliver and Operate’ Skype for Business communications in line with the Practical Guidance for Cloud Voice. Additionally, through our 4D service we provide ongoing management. In this way G3 Comms ensures the continued success of Skype For Business to meet business requirements.

Our skills and extensive experience in digital transformation allow us to offer support, guidance and consultancy at every stage in the Practical Guidance for Cloud Voice covering the key voice and collaboration services delivered by Skype for Business Server and Online editions.

These include:

Calling Plan and Phone System on Office 365

The G3 CloudLink, (SBC+CCE) with global connectivity for your Skype For Business Online services, fully supported
Skype For Business server deployment and migration with global connectivity fully supported and managed
Advanced network assessment, capacity planning and management
Continued Business and technical consultancy for Skype For Business performance optimization
Migration from Digital Transformation to Modern Workplaces, Remote and Flexible workplace programs

G3 implementation of Skype for Business is driven by G3 Comms 4D Services.
4D Services fit closely with the requirements of the Practical Guidance for Cloud Voice – a simple summary is shown below:

Proof of Concept Programme

As part of our commitment to finding the optimal Skype For Business solution for your business, we are keen to provide a Proof of Concept project at an early stage. We are happy to provide the PoC at no cost and with no commitment on your part, subject to an initial appraisal of your requirements at a half-day Workshop.

The Proof of Concept Offer comprises:

Project feasibility Workshop
3 man-days Professional Services consultancy

Up to a 25-user Office 365 Phone System licenses over a period of 3 months

Trials at customer premises, recommendations on system specification, simple SoF deployment proposal
Additional consultancy, hardware and calling plans will be chargeable

Learn more about your journey to Skype for Business

You can also call +44 20 7075 1400 or contact us here